Review of Experience of Staff Mobility Program at Mehmet Akif University, Burdur, Turkey

Abdurrahman Çelebi ( Beder University ) - 21.12.2013 - 28.12.2013 Firstly, It gives me great pleasure to say a few words about my participation in this exchange program. My experience during my participation in the program at Mehmet Akif Ersoy university in Turkey was wonderful. I have been welcomed cordially by the International Relations office and the faculty members in that university.  Mehmet Akif University is a modern and young university. It is located a bit far from the center of the city. It is situated out skirt of Burdur nearly 10 km away. I can say that Burdur is a safe and peaceful city of new construction. I offer you to taste Burdurs nationwide famous walnut paste. I met a rich socio-cultural environment among staff and students who are a great asset to a university. I enjoyed an unforgettable time at M.A. University. I highly recommend my colleagues to share the same experience. 

Review of Experience of Staff Mobility Program at Sakarya University, Sakarya,Turkey

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rahim OMBASHI  (Beder University) - 01.09.2013 - 30.11.2013 Having the experience of an exchange program at Sakarya University under the auspices of "Mevlana" program directory, I had an experience of serious academic task. I think that I benefited too much due to warm, cordial, and professional relations with knowledgeable colleagues. I also found sufficient data about Albanian literature and other stuff. Being in a modern research university and its infrastructure gave me a positive result because of availability of peer models out there. Thanks for everything !