Since its establishment, one of the main objectives of University College Bedër  has been the internationalization and establishment of close cooperation with universities both in the region and beyond. Within the short-term, the University has managed to have close relations with other Universities on exchange programs, organization of conferences, research projects etc.

Being a bilingual University in Albanian and in English has contributed to foster cultural diversity as our students come from 15 different countries and the faculty members originate from 6 different countries.

Main responsibilities of IRO office

International Relations Office has been established in 2011. The International Relations Office functions under the governance of Rectorship of University College Bedër and works in close cooperation with the foreign universities and institutions of higher education.

PhD Candidate Ana Uka: Lecturer at the Department of Educational Sciences and Coordinator of International Relations Office at University College Bedër in Tirana. She graduated from Istanbul University with a major in Educational Sciences/Counseling Psychology and Pedagogy program. She holds a Master of Science degree in Education and Child Studies/Child and Family Studies from Leiden University in the Netherlands. She is a PhD Candidate in the Institute of Family and Neighborhood Life at Clemson University in South Carolina, USA. She has been a visiting expert in Families and Children Services in Michigan and School of MRDD in Columbus, Ohio. She has conducted her studies as an international student in several countries where she has also worked with children and families from different communities.